When I try to prepare a device in Apple Configurator 2 (manual setup, supervise devices, Do not enroll in MDM ), I am asked to sign in to the Device Enrollment Program, and since I'm not part of it I get an error when I sign in with my apple id:

"email cannot access the Device Enrollment Program. Please contact your organization’s administrators."

I have supervised devices before with an older version of Apple Configurator, is this a recent requirement?

Is it no longer possible to manually supervise a device without enrolling en the 'Device enrollment Program'?

  • This sounds like a question for Apple management – Hogstrom Sep 4 '18 at 13:27

I know this response is several months later, but in case anyone else is looking for the answer...

When you get to the sign-in to DEP screen, just hit next without filling anything out.

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