since Windows 7 it isn't possible anymore to create a autorun.inf file to run a program automatically from an usb:

Icon=ArduinoLync.exe, 0

But this is still possible with cd / dvd disks, so I am asking if theres a program which can fake the usb to be detected as an optical disk? I googled alot but the articels I read didn't really help.

Name of drivers and programs I tried:

  • USB_LocalDisk
  • Hitachi Microdrive x64
  • lexar_usb_tool
  • MagicISO
  • WinCDEmu
  • Free ISO Creator

If youre asking yourself why I dont just install the program on the computer: We have many computers, but their os often get reinstalled or their hd's are exchanged. The only thing that really stays the same are theire chassis. The goal is that the program reads out the availability of Skype for Buisness / MicrosoftLync and sends that availability to an arduino, which is also connected via usb to the computer. Its not possible for us to change anything on the computer itself (like having the program on a network drive and then change the startup to start it from there).

So another solution would be that the arduino (or raspberry) itself reads the MicrosoftLync. But I dont think thats going to work, cause I dont think theres a way to get access to the pc, even if theyre connected via usb. I neither think its possible that the arduino or raspberry "uploads" the program to the connected pc.

Have you got any solution in mind to solve this problem? I cant think of any other way to get the program executed. Thanks alot

  • You may try to create a partition on your flash which will be detected as a CD-ROM. But the fact is it possible or not is dependent by the controller model on your flash (and slightly by a motherboard). – Akina Sep 4 '18 at 12:53

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