I am searching for the command-line equivalent of apt-cache rdepends <package> in Debian, i.e. locate all packages for which the given <package> is required.

cygcheck.exe doesn't seem to have such mode.

Running setup.exe and try to uninstall e.g. libserf1 to get the list of packages to be also uninstalled is not an option.


For dependency info you need the cygcheck-dep package.

Checking all packages that directly need a package.

$ cygcheck-dep -n libglpk40

 libglpk40: is needed for ( glpk lib4ti2_0 libglpk-devel octave )

Checking all packages directly required by a package.

$ cygcheck-dep -r libglpk40

 libglpk40: requires ( cygwin libgcc1 )
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