On installing a recent Xubuntu with Ubuntu 16.04, I find myself unable to set keyboard layout permanently to German becase every time I do it using dpkg, the initramfs-tools bug kicks in.

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

and then the error message about initramfs-tools appears.

Now luckily I know that there is a merge request submitted for this bug.

How will I know that the patch has become available? (i.e. how do I know that the next version of initramfs made for Debian has made its way into the Ubuntu update site?) Because, the Ubuntu bug page says "Status: fix released" but this is obviously not enough.

And.. is there a workoaround for time being?

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  • search for the bug numer in this case 1667512 in the changelog of the package

So, now I know that I need to look for initramfs-tools from version 0.131.

Finally, the Ubuntu packages site gives me an overview of which distribution have which version (currently, Ubuntu Cosmic 18.10).

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