I need to assign to an SD Card of a digital camera , when i connect it via usb to my pc. At the moment, win 10 show me: "SD-CARD" but no letter drive.

I need a letter drive because i've created a script to automatically download photo and backup it etc...



Let's start by opening the Computer Maganement plug-in of the Microsoft Management Console with


If asked, enter the Administrator password, or confirm you want to run it as administrator.

Right-click on the SSD Card, and pick Change Drive Letter and Paths, then choose Add, select a letter different than any of your existing drive letters and then click OK.

I'd avoid A: or B: since you may use that camera with another app someday, and I have read some older apps can act strangely if they see a drive A; or B: larger than a standard floppy disc.

Close the Disk Management console, and your device should appear with that drive letter henceforth.

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