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Chrome is doing four things. The browser itself, a GPU process, the tab for this website and one extension. So why are there eight chrome.exe processes?

Half of them don't even seem to be doing anything. Nothing crashes or malfunctions when they close. They just suck resources, apparently.


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  • Check the command lines of those processes. The extras are likely a nacl_helper and zygotes to help hide the cost of forking new processes for new tabs. – dsstorefile1 Sep 7 '18 at 1:53

your question seems to be similar to Why does Chrome has so many processes running, when I have just opened the application? and also Multiple chrome.exe processes in Task Manager

the TLDR version of those 2 post are... Each Chrome Tab opens a fixed number of processes that are equal to the number of extensions. so if 1 tab is open and you have 4 active extensions then you will have 4 Chrome Processes in your Windows Task Manager. 2 tabs will result in double that number; 8 processes listed in your Windows Task Manager.

So keeping a Tab in your background actually is using up resources.

To access your chrome Task Manager, click on the dots at the very end of your address bar; on the right hand side; Select More Tools and then Task Manager. That should show you what which Extension or Tab is taking up the most resources.

Hope this helps.

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If you have installed some chrome plugin, then it will use more resources of the CPU, and will show more number of process under Windows Task Manager >> Processes Tab

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