I have a LibreOffice text document that I need to decompress to edit some of the meta files, and after that I need to rebuild the text document.

I can decompress it with 7zip, but after that I'm not able to build the text document again from the decompressed directory.

How to do it?



.odt and .docx files are .zip files. You can try to decompress them as if they were regular .zip files.

If that doesn't work, you can change the extension from .odt or .docx to .zip and then decompress the file.


Compress the folder to a .odt or .docx file.

If your zip program doesn't allow to compress to .odt or .docx, you can compress to .zip and then change the extension to .odt or .docx.

Note: You don't have to compress the directory with the decompressed files, you have to compress the contents of the directory. Thus, the compressed file will have in the root the meta files and directories, and not the directory that contains the meta files and directories.

  • OpenDocument (.odt) containers have one additional requirement: the mimetype file must be first in the archive and uncompressed. MS Office and LibreOffice themselves will recognize the file regardless, even if you don't ensure that, but other software (such as file managers) might not. – grawity Sep 10 '18 at 10:12

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