grep -i "^(.).*\1$" sowpods.txt > output.txt

I'm using a scrabble words list I downloaded named "sowpods.txt" and I am trying to use grep to find all of the 7 letter words in the file that start and end with the same letter .The line I have now is giving me a backreference error so I tried using online guides but they were insanely confusing. Could someone help me do this? Thanks!

I'm also on a mac and am using the default terminal.

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If you want to use basic regular expression (without option -E), you need a backslash \ before the opening and closing brackets:

grep -i '^\(.\).\{5\}\1$' file

Note that it's good idea to use single quote in your grep regex in order to avoid shell parameter expansion.


This will work as an extended regular expression. You need grep -E:

grep -E -i "^(.).*\1$"

To match 7-letter words you need to replace * with {5}:

grep -E -i "^(.).{5}\1$"
  • I'm a fan of the -x flag: grep -Eix "(.).{5}\1"
    – Jim L.
    Jan 30 '19 at 22:46

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