I've been trying out the voice dictation in Google docs and the add-in for GMail. This is on a Lenovo T430 running 64-bit Win10 and using good quality Sennheiser PC 8 headphones with built-in mic.

The persistent problem I'm having is in trying to use voice commands. Almost without exception, whenever I try using them, e.g. "period, new line", the dication system immediately correctly acts on the commands, but then seems to pause for a moment having second thoughts and un-does the commands and replaces them with the literal text of the commands.

This behaviour is the completely the opposite of what I've see in youtube demos like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMIphQM_YRE where the system (sometimes) initially inserts the literal text of the command and then undoes it and acts on the command instead. There must be some kind of knack to doing this correctly which I'm missing.

What can I do to reduce or eliminate the problem behaviour I've described? I've tried pausing - or making a point of not pausing after commands - and trying to give them in a different intonation that the dictation text, but nothing seems to make for any improvement.

I wish they'd add a "Doh!" command ...

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