I have been testing the speed of my windows machine's loopback adapter using iperf3 which has given the following results:

iperf3 results on windows

However, when I run the exact same test within a linux virtual machine running on the same windows machine (using Oracle VM VirtualBox), I get the following results:

iperf3 results on linux virtual machine

This is a greater than 10-fold increase in throughput, which simply doesn't make sense. I would have assumed that the primary bottleneck for loopback traffic would be the CPU or RAM, but both tests were running on the exact same hardware, just with different operating systems.

My question is, what could be the cause of this discrepancy? Are these results typical for Windows/Linux respectively? Is there anything I can do to increase the throughput when running the test on windows?

I have tried disabling the firewall, and it made zero difference.

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