As a continuity to this question. When ever Chrome claims that it didn't shut down correctly:

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it also displays a separate tab, in which it claims that TortoiseSVN prevents it from working correctly:

enter image description here

I have the newest version of both TortoiseSVN and Google Chrome and while searching Internet I have found no evidence that these two applications cannot work together or causes each other any compatibility issues.

I've been using TortoiseSVN and Chrome on the same computers (at least 2-3) for past 5-6 years and I have never encountered any problems. Moreover, I wasn't even aware that TortoiseSVN needs Google Chrome for anything.

But, I did see these compatibility warning previously (i.e. while using Windows 7 -- I have upgraded to Windows 10 Pro recently -- and while using older version of TortoiseSVN and Chrome).

Based on above, I assume that this is a false claim from Chrome side.

Where can I find some details about this behaviour. It is fixable? Can I do something to prevent or disable displaying this false warning?

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I have posted the very same question to TortoiseSVN discussion board and I have received a very detailed response from program's author itself.

In this answer there is a suggestion that what can be causing this problem and a possible solution:

Try the TSVN settings dialog->icon overlays, check the box "Show overlays and context menu only in explorer". This will prevent Chrome from loading the TSVN shell extension.

However, as explained in following answer by me, this is 99,99% bug inside current version of Google Chrome that has nothing to do TortoiseSVN.

It seems that problem with reporting TortoiseSVN as an incompatible with Google Chrome only appears as a next, after showing incorrect "Google Chrome didn't shut down correctly" error. When browser is launched correctly and you manually go to Settings > Advanced > Reset and clean up > Update or remove incompatible applications then you can clearly see that there are no problem and

Done! No incompatible applications found

message appears.

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