I have a W10 machine at with 3 displays attached using:

  1. HDMI
  2. USB 3 > HDMI adapter
  3. DVI

and two graphics card.

  1. Onboard Intel HD Graphics - powers DVI & HDMI Displays
  2. USB > HDMI Adapter -> powers 2nd HDMI display

Graphics card drivers are up to date and both graphics adapters report to work fine.

Now, once in a while it happens that 2 of the displays stop working out of nowhere and I have figured out that it seems the pure HDMI Display remaining 'online' and kind of blocking off the other 2 displays.

  • Once I unplug the HDMI cable the other displays come back to live.
  • When I connect the HDMI display with a VGA cable all 3 displays work in parallel as they should. that would be fine with me but the quality much better on HDMI.

So I am wondering what I could do to makes them work together without the VGA workaround. Did anyone have a similar problem and could give advise on how to approach this?

EDIT: the entire system died yesterday. So maybe the display problem was just symptom of that dying system. On the new install for now all is working fine with all 3 displays

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