I have an HP Spectre with a touch screen. It was working alright a few days ago, but recently it has started giving off a delay of up to one minute before I am able to use the touchscreen properly. It does respond kind of feebly, but I am not able to use it properly immediately after boot. It works fine after the system is put to sleep and wakes up. Automatic updates are turned on and I have Windows 10 home edition running on the system. Please help.


The article How to Fix Your Touchscreen in Windows 10 nicely details the actions that you may take with screenshots. Here is the synopsis :

  1. Run Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Hardware and Devices, and let it do its work. Listed problems will need to be addressed.

  2. Calibrate the touchscreen.

  3. Disable and re-enable the touchscreen in Device Manager.

  4. Update the driver, downloading it from the manufacturer's website.

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