I am using Lenevo ThinkPad E 570. I can enter into BIOS. I would like to change Boot Order Priority to USB from BIOS. How can I do that ?


Try the following way:

  1. Plug in the USB device.

  2. Press F12 during computer startup.

  3. We can see USB HDD, we find U device cannot be started with this option, because the BIOS disables the USB device boot.

  4. Press the TAB key to switch the APP menu, then select Setup to enter the BIOS.

  5. Find Security in BIOS.

  6. Find Secure Boot in Security, then disable Secure Boot.

  7. Select “Startup” next to Security.

  8. Find UEFI/Legacy Boot in Startup, set UEFI/Legacy Boot->Legacy only and CSM support->Yes, then find Boot, click Enter.

  9. Find USB HDD in Boot, adjust USB HDD in the first one through the up and down arrow keys and plus and minus keys in keyboard, then save the BIOS settings by clicking F10.

  10. Restart the computer to see if it starts from USB device.

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