I'm running Linux Mint 19 on an Acer Travelmate, so definitely not a high-end device. Since switching to LM19, I don't detect any problems whatsoever, except for this one: Starting Firefox is impossible. The firefox windows does not even appear. All I notice is that RAM goes to 100% and that the system freezes completely. I might be able to move the mouse pointer though and it will respond with considerable delay. This behavior started less than a year ago with a new firefox version. Using an older version (I think 52) works without problems. Starting from the terminal also does not reveal anything. The only thing I can do is REISUB. I'm rather clueless at the moment what to do about it.

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    Are you familiar with strace?, it's a tracing like tool which helps to diagnosis. – Biswapriyo Sep 13 '18 at 13:17
  • I was not. Until now :) I started firefox with strace -e trace=open,close,read,write -o ff.log firefox. I can see the memory usage slowly rising until after some time 100% is reached and I hit Ctrl+C. The log file amounts to 10MB and consists to 99% of the following line: read(48, "\30\0\214?~\37\23\37|\32\240\31\267\30\v\30<\23\362\22\"\22\372\21l\21\257\20\331\v\317\v"..., 16384) = 16384 Not quite sure what to do with this cryptic information. – E. Sommer Sep 13 '18 at 13:34

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