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I have a Windows 10 system SSD (C:) and a non-system HD (D:) in two partitions of the disk (total of 3). D used to be the old system drive before installing Windows 10 on the SSD, which may explain why it has this folder in the first place.

While trying to merge the two D: partitions using AOMEI partition assistant, I have encountered a problem with the Users folder. On closer inspection I can see a little shortcut icon for All Users folder on D: linking it to C:

Folder structure

Link to C:

How can I unlink the two? If I delete something from D:\users\All Users\Microsoft for example, which is the problematic folder that AOEMI cannot process, it will be deleted from the same location in C: since they are one and the same.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Run these commands in Command Prompt as administrator. Follow these steps:

  • Take ownership of that folder: Takeown /F "D:\Users\All Users"
  • Grant full permissions to everyone: Icacls "D:\Users\All Users" /grant Everyone:F
  • Delete the folder: Use Rd "D:\Users\All Users" or Del /F "D:\Users\All Users".

This step is alternative. If that folder is quickly created before merging the partitions, then run this command as administrator to create a blank file in that path: echo.> "D:\Users\All Users"

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