I've about 8GB of files in the cloud and these are visible through the web interface, but when I configure it locally it only syncs a handful of folders and stops as if everything is synced.

I do have the Sync Everything option selected under Settings > Preferences > Google Drive and it does show the correct size of about 8GB next to this option.

What is strange though is that when I choose the other option of "Sync only these folders" it shows "No folders in my drive" in the folders list section but it has the same total file size next to this option also.

What lead to this is that I had my windows user account corrupted and I had to create a new user account and copy my local google driver folder over to this account's user folder in hope to avoid the long wait required for the new google drive installation to download all the files.

What I ended up with after merging this copied folder with my google drive in the cloud was 2 copies of each file with the second copy having "(1)" added to the file name.

Then I tried removing these copies with "(1)" in the name but this ended up removing both copies of the files.

Then I went and spent time restoring the removed files from trash and decided to re-install google drive and point it to a fresh new empty folder for synchronization backing up the old folder.

And now it won't sync all the files.

How do I fix this so that all files from the cloud get downloaded to my local Google Drive folder on the first sync? (apart from creating a new account and manually transferring all files to the new account's google drive)

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