I have Windows 7 utimate edition on my PC, After a long time i work on my PC i am not able to log into my "Administrator" account, when i check the "Administrators" localgroup i found it have two account with the name "Administrator" and "user".

Since "Administrator" account is disabled in Win 7, i try to activate it through command prompt in safe mode with standard user privilage i always got message 'System error 5 has occurred. Access denied'.

I tried to change "Standard User" to give permission of "Administrators" still the 'Access denied' message.

Whenever i try to change any thing on my PC, popup comes up to enter password of account "user". I forgot this account's password.

I do not have password recovery disk. I tried to boot my PC from USB still no success as "Standard User" can't change boot option.

Please help me, i searched and applied many online solutions still no success.

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    Possible duplicate of How to get rights of admin after I disabled all admin accounts in my computer. Before you indicate this is not a duplicate, please read the accepted answer, because the instructions provided are indeed applicable to a Windows 7 installation. The only difference is you would use a Windows 7 ISO instead of a Windows 10 ISO. To reiterate the fact, being an Administrator, is not required to enable the built-in Administrator.
    – Ramhound
    Sep 13, 2018 at 21:07
  • Also, you can try to change the user to admin without administrator account, you can refer to the following link, just see the solution 2. isunshare.com/blog/…
    – OOOO
    Sep 14, 2018 at 1:41

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You first need to right clink on CMD and select run as administrator, that will deal with 'System error 5 has occurred. Access denied'. Running as admin will not acctually run program with Adminstartor account, it will just give your account Administrator token (Microsoft made this very confusing). From cmd type net user administrator /active:yes. That will enable user Administrator. Then type net user administrator *. It will prompt you to change password for Administrator account. Type in new password twice. Now you need to log off from your current session and you will two accounts to choose for logging in. Choose Administrator account and do the necessary changes. With Administrator account you will be able to add/remove other accounts, change password, etc.

Note You should change password for Administartor account to more complex one after doing the changes. Also the best cause of action is to disable it all together.

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