I downloaded VMware workstation in Kali Linux. It wasn't running, it was having some header files issues. So I looked up the solution and someone said to run the following commands.

apt clean && apt update && apt dist-upgrade

After this, when I restarted the computer, all the icons from the desktop were removed.

It's all blank

The data is still there in the Home/username/Desktop directory.

enter image description here

Also there are only a few options when I right click the desktop.

enter image description here

Please help me out.

Just did a dist-upgrade of my kali vm, and found the same issue. It appears to be due to the Gnome team deciding to get rid of desktop icons.

You can get them back using gnome extensions like https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1444/desktop-icons-enhanced/ but it's not perfect.

This is true - as of v30+ Gnome removed desktop icons in favor of extensions or other means to access or surface your frequently used apps/programs.

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