Browsing an NTFS partition in Konqueror or Dolphin, the compressed files and folders are not displayed with blue names, and there doesn't seem to be any page in the file properties dialog to see or set the NTFS file attributes. ls -al is also not telling me anything. What can I do to see and set the compression attribute?


Seems like some low level programming will be needed to achieve this.

The flags/bits you are looking for are stored in $BMP and/or $MFT areas of the NTFS partition.







If you can get/set those bits from another program (say ls) then Konqueror/Dolphin are missing it, otherwise those bits access are not provided by the NTFS handler/mount.

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I have found no way to customize the display of Konqueror or Dolphin in this way.

The Nautilus file manager, under GNOME, can be customized using a Nautilus Extension, but this requires programming and is not an easy route to follow.

You may find another file manager among the many that exist on Linux. For example, the following article list a whopping of 22 file managers :
22 Best Linux file managers as of 2018.

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