I've written a short script to start vcxsrv then run bash -c -l "DISPLAY=:0 terminator" and after a moment the terminal launches, however when I toggle the hide_window hotkey in terminator (I've customized it to use ctrl+`, but the default doesn't work either) it will hide the terminal, but the same key combination will not show the terminal unless an x11 app is active on the screen.

Is there any way to send ctrl+` to vcxsrv to show my terminal?


Ensure xdotool is installed in your system

sudo apt-get install -y xdotool

Then create an autohotkey script:

    Run, bash -c "DISPLAY=:0 xdotool key ctrl+grave", , Hide

this captures the ctrl+` and replays it to the X server through a hidden bash window.

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