I have catch-all configured on my email server so I can give a new email address to every service that I use.

When I reply to an email in Thunderbird it would be great if the default From: field would contain the address under which I received the email. I know that I can customize the Sender address manually, but it's a hassle to do it every time.

Is there a config flag, or an Add-On that can do that? Maybe a hint where Thunderbird's relevant code is? Maybe I can do it myself :)


Received email:
enter image description here

I hit the reply button
enter image description here

But I want the From: (here: "Von", sorry for the German) field to already have the address which received the email in the first place. enter image description here

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I found https://github.com/absorb-it/Virtual-Identity, which does exactly what I want.

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