I want to run some custom userscripts in Firefox but without add-ons like Greasemonkey.

A long time ago it was possible to do so by putting scripts in a folder named userscripts\\ inside the Firefox user profile. I tried it but I think it no longer works.

So, is it possible to run userscripts in Firefox without installing add-ons?


No. You cannot automatically run userscripts, nor can you use GM_ functions unless you install an add-on like Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey (Greasemonkey became mostly useless with version 4).

Without such an extension, you can:

  1. Manually run userscript code in the page's console (Ctrl Shift K).
  2. Or, Convert the code to a bookmarklet, save it, and click the bookmark to run the code.

Or, if you don't trust other extension developers, you can write your own extension to inject javascript automatically. It's not that hard and you can get started with a simple manifest.json and a content_scripts js.
See "Your first extension" on MDN.

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