I don't use the Chrome user account features and don't want the browser to know my Google account. In the past I just didn't sign-in to Chrome, signed-in to Google (mostly to sign-in to StackEchange with my Google account) and it seemed Ok. But now as I've updated to Chrome 69 it signs me in to Chrome every time I sign-in to StackExchange with my Google account. Can this behavior be disabled?

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    chrome://flags/#account-consistency & change to Disabled. This is guess based on lifehacker.com/… . I guess someone in comments said solution to your request is to disable cookies for youtube/google. However I feel like thats not a proper solution. I'm curious how this will pan out. In the mean time use Incognito Window?
    – gregg
    Sep 18, 2018 at 21:40

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As you noticed, starting with Chrome 69, this “auto sign-in” feature was added. It automatically signs you into Chrome when you sign into a Google website or use a Google account to sign into other websites (e.g., Stack Exchange).

This feature was frustrating for many users and since Chrome 70, users can disable it:

Open settings and search for "sign-in".

enter image description here

Disable "Allow Chrome sign-in".

To apply this change, relaunch Chrome

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