I'm doing a job that involves begin moving and managing files frequently. As a result, I have several Windows Explorer windows open at the time.

Sometimes, I lose track of the different folders for which the windows are open. Then I inadvertently end up opening windows for the same folder path. e.g. I may have multiple windows open for the my documents folder.

Is there a way that I can prevent Windows Explorer from opening the same folder path in multiple documents?

Thank you for any inputs


This is not possible, as it would be highly impractical for most users.

This sounds more like a workflow issue. Depending on your needs, there is software that may help you. There are alternative file explorers that may help alleviate your issues. There is software like Stardock Groupy that will let you stack multiple windows into tabs. Microsoft is supposed to be releasing Sets in the next update to Windows that does the same thing.

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  • Thank you for the startdock reference and also for the information about sets. Marking your answer as the accepted answer. – Ramana Sep 23 '18 at 7:23

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