I need to be able to use english formula on my french laptop. Is it possible to use this without installing a language pack?

I have seen this answer from Microsoft:


or here Change language of command in Excel

but I thought maybe a VBA solution was possible. Any ideas or tips about where to search?


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It seems you already did some research, but don't want to give up hope...however, there isn't much. This issue alone is enough of a nuisance to mandate only English installations of Excel for me. Personally, I don't see why there shoudn't be an option for international installations to use English in formulas instead of the interface language, but that's how it is.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the language for formulas through a VBA script.

You could use VBA to assign English formulas to cells, but they would then appear translated to the interface language:

Sub add_formula()
  Range("A1").Value = "=SUM(B:B)"
End Sub

enter image description here

See this well-written post for a couple of useful hints on the subject.

What I do and my recommendation is to only use very simple formulas, which you can quickly and easily translate using this table. for anything more, use VBA code, which is portable across language installations.

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