I am just looking to take the settings of one printer (intermec px4i) and clone them(only editing hostname and addr.) or make some sort of template so i can add the rest of the px4i's on our network. Special options were used and i need to have an exact copy otherwise these cantankerous printers won't be able to print.

What's the best way to do this? I can do the cups webpage(preferable) but have no problem getting down and dirty in the cmd line either copying (then editing with vi) or with lpadmin. Just want to make sure i don't miss anything.

Environmental Specs: -vm on a vCenter environment -RHEL7 (current) -CUPS (current latest from yum) -web gui up and running

Anything, no matter how big or small, would be of the greatest help. Even if your familiar OS isn't RHEL, i can adapt it from solaris,aix,ubuntu,rhel-like(centos,OEL,etc...), other unix (hell, even if it's plan 9! lol). thanks alot! -caspnx

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