Older versions of Slax had a boot choice of a text menu.

I want to use it because it is much faster to boot and i only need few commands to start some backups over the network or work with files.

Single user mode is not enough, i want to use multiple terminals via Alt+F1...F5

Is there a boot menu choice or kernel parameter to boot into text mode only?

A partial solution is to use Ctrl+Alt+F1 , but still i have to wait for ther slow graphical startup.

The current version only has 3 choices

  • boot with permanent changes
  • boot fresh
  • boot into memory



Tomas Matejicek gave me a solution: delete the 02-xorg.sb files and next numbers, leave only 01-core.sb, or 01-firmware.sb

Another possibility is to select runlevel 3 by adding "3" to the kernel parameters.

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