I'm not too familiar with batch files. Most commonly I use VBA/PHP, but I would like to have this one a go :).

I would like to:

Fetch the user's IP address, Copy a file, and rename that file to ipadres.extension

So the new file name should be the IP.

for example:

ipconfig | find "IPv4"
copy /y Expeditool.accdb Expeditool"IPv4".accdb

I tried, but just puts IPv4 in file name.

Could anyone help me out with this one? Thanks!


A dirty example to get your IP:

for /f "tokens=14" %%a in ('ipconfig ^| findstr IPv4') do set _IPaddr=%%a
echo IP is: %_IPaddr%

You then use %_IPaddr% in your copy /y Expeditool.accdb Expeditool"IPv4".accdb


for /f "tokens=14" %%a in ('ipconfig ^| findstr IPv4') do set _IPaddr=%%a
copy /y Expeditool.accdb Expeditool%_IPaddr%.accdb

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