I have a PC with Win 10. I do not have admin privileges. I can run PortableApps, and use its launcher.

To "install" new apps I can do it from the PortableApps app installation menu.

Now I mean to use Zotero Portable. It is not available from the PortableApps app installation menu. I obtained the .paf.exe file. I cannot install the .paf.exe due to limited privileges, even if trying from within the PortableApps launcher.

It doesn't make too much sense to me that I can do one thing and not the other. I guess internally I should be doing the same thing in both cases. So my questions are:

Why I can do one and not the other?

Is there any way to actually "install" Zotero? The possibility of installing elsewhere and copying is already considered, but I mean to do it locally. I often do not have that resource at hand.


To extract the installation, you could use the following command :

7z x -y installation.paf.exe

I can go to another PC, "install" it, and copy it. If the application is really portable (in my experience, most of the times they are), I would get exactly the same behavior.

This is not specifically a local operation, but in case it is possible, it would do the trick.

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As an alternative to the command-line accepted solution, using the 7-zip GUI, one can go to the folder containing the .paf.exe file, right click on it, and Open Inside (or similar, I have the Spanish version). That is similar to exploring a zip file. Copy the contents to the target directory.

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