Since I use OneDrive, each document I create or edit in Word is handled as an online document, when I save it in the folder structure, OneDrive is syncing.

Documents are handled as "http://d.docs.live.net/..." instead of "C:\MyFolder\mydocument.docx".

I want OneDrive to sync my folders in the cloud (as Dropbox or GoogleDrive do it) but I don't want to takeover OneDrive the default behavior of handling files in Word, Excel etc.

BTW, it seems to slow down the opening and saving of documents in word.

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To never store your documents on OneDrive, change the default to save to the computer by :

In the menu File > Options, click on the left on Save, and in the right pane untick "Show additional places for saving, even if sign-in may be required" and tick "Save to Computer by default", finally specify your "Default local file location", and click OK.

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For one-time disable of OneDrive, right-click on its 'cloud' icon on the traybar and choose Exit.

To totally disable OneDrive, see the article How to Disable & Replace OneDrive in Windows 10.

For more info, see the article Before a Microsoft Office 2013 install, beware of potential gotchas (it calls OneDrive by the name of SkyDrive but the rest is still valid).

  • The Office apps still use OneDrive URLs when opening files in the OneDrive folder after doing this: example.sharepoint.com/etc/MySpreadsheet.xlsx. Is there a way to use OneDrive for sync only without using these SharePoint URLs everywhere in the Office apps? Navigating the remote directories is slow, and there are other issues like PDF previews after saving. It would be great to use the local filesystem exclusively in the Office apps and then have OneDrive transparently sync in the background. yesterday

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