I am using Msys2 from PortableApps under Win 10. The answer to this question (i.e., identification and solution of the problem) may be related to the Unix/Linux part of usage, or to its "adaptation" to Windows via Msys2. I do not know it in advance (otherwise, I would likely have solved it myself!), so I had posted before (now removed) a similar question in another SE site, which reaches a different audience.

I have a shell function defined in my_fun.sh as

function myfun() { echo "MYAPP=${MYAPP}" && ${MYAPP} "$@" ; }

i.e., some_executable takes options and parameters. I can run at the command line

$ some_executable -3 input.dat output.dat

Now if I run from a shell script myscript.sh

comm="myfun -3 input.dat output.dat"
echo ${comm}
eval ${comm}

(with echo I make sure the line is what I want) I get

./myscript.sh: line 8: myfun: command not found

If I do export -f myfun and then ./myscript.sh I start getting

environment: -3: command not found

which shows the source of the problem (thanks to comment by Kamil M).

In an Ubuntu box, prior to export -f ... I get the same error as above. But export fixes the problem.

What is the cause for this? Is it related to the pure Linux/Bash use, or is parsing, shell expansion, shell inheritance, etc., under Msys2 slightly different? How do I fix this, in a way that the same script works under Msys2 and Ubuntu?

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I have to

export MYAPP=some_executable

in my_fun.sh. Then the other script reads the value of the variable.

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