I have an old IBM Model M13 keyboard with a PS/2-to-USB adapter that has a pointing stick built into it that I like using a lot. However, I think it has some unusual DPI or something because whatever I plug it into, the mouse moves very slowly. On linux I can simply use xinput to toggle the acceleration settings for that specific device. But in Windows 10 (or possibly other versions, too?) I can't seem to find a way to change the settings for specifically the USB mouse and not the entire system. I don't want it to affect the touchpad or any other mouse that's connected to the computer.

Is there some way to change only the mouse settings for the mouse connected via USB? Is there some 3rd party tool that will allow me to access and alter these settings?


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Thanks to phuclv's comment, I was directed to Eithermouse. Although their domain's DNS isn't resolving, I was able to find a pretty recent archive from archive.org. I downloaded it and it was pretty easy to setup. I can now set the mouse speed for the touchpad on the laptop, the IBM Model M13's pointing stick, as well as a 3rd bluetooth mouse individually. I wish that it allowed me to arbitrarily set mouse speeds as even on the highest speed allowed by the UI, the IBM pointing stick is still too slow. I've tried tweaking the scripts and even tried using Joy's suggestion of regshot but I couldn't find anything that made it move faster together with eithermouse.

I've also found a more recent application called Plural Input which I've tried as well. It has more features including setting up multiple keyboards and limiting cursors to different displays. The interface is much nicer but it will install its own driver and it says that it eventually will require a fee. Unfortunately, it doesn't show any of my devices once I've added them to the driver, but I'll continue to keep it updated as it looks more promising. Maybe others will have better luck.

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    Apr 28, 2021 at 22:10

To update the accepted answer, eithermouse.com is functioning again. However Chrome and Firefox block the download as dangerous, with Firefox allowing the user to keep the download if they choose to.

Avast Anti-virus quarantines the software because it contains FileRep Malware,

Jon Lin's [archive.org] link raises no flags. Plural Input still works.

I tried them both and both worked as expected and reported.

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