I am using cmake-conan to call conan during my build (on Ubuntu 16.04). However now I want to test that certain builds do NOT call conan.

cmake-conan calls conan in this fashion:

execute_process(COMMAND ${conan_command} ${conan_args}
                     RESULT_VARIABLE return_code

Where ${conan_command} resolves to conan.

What I tried is to alias conan to fail in my bash script, however it doesn't seem to be picked up by cmake.

alias conan='fail'

Is there another way to make sure that a program is not found in PATH even though it actually is in PATH?

  • Don't call conan directly, earlier in the process create a link to it that you switch between conan and fail as need, and call conan through that link. – xenoid Sep 26 '18 at 14:48

In CMake script run conan_cmake_run macro with params CONAN_COMMAND "fail"

You can pass CONAN_COMMAND as ENVIRNOMENT variable:



CONAN_COMMAND=fail cmake …

or pass as variable:



cmake -DCONAN_COMMAND=fail …
  • I solved my issue by injecting a fake conan script in the PATH before the test, your method works only for testing once, not continually. – kutschkem Sep 27 '18 at 13:41

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