I tried this in CMD :


; but this only shows whether the file is found or not ; the output does not contain the Path.

One way is to use EXPLORER , but I want to use CMD.

Another way is DIR /S | MORE, manually looking for the file. Yet another way is to get the full output of DIR /s and then search this text for filename, but these methods have too many issues like slowness or too much scrolling or too manual.

I am looking for a simple way to execute a built-in command and find the file with Path.

[[ While typing this question, I found a solution which I will add, for future visitors with the same question; but I would also be happy to see if others have a better solution ]]


It was surprisingly easy, but I was not aware of it till now:


will search for FILENAME (even with wildcards) in DIRECTORY and show matching files with the PATH.
I would be happy to know if there are better solutions.

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