Doing WINLEFT ARROW on application A and WINRIGHT ARROW on application B is a very cool and useful feature on Windows 7 to split the screen into 2 applications.

Now that I use it everyday, I would like even more (never happy!): is there a shortcut to resize and move a window to the upper-left corner / upper-right corner / bottom-left corner / bottom-right corner, so that the screen can be divided in 4 for different applications?

Something like:

WINLEFT ARROW once: move and resize to left half of screen

WINLEFT ARROW twice: move and resize to top-left quarter of screen

WINLEFT ARROW 3 times: move and resize to bottom-left quarter of screen

would do the job:

enter image description here

NB: I only have 1 screen.

  • No, there's no built in method for that, you need to use 3rd party apps. It's already added to windows 10, where win + left / right + up / down does the trick. Sep 27, 2018 at 20:23
  • @MátéJuhász Oh Win + Left then Win + Up moves it to top left quarter of screen, with Windows 10? Then maybe you can post an answer relevant for Win10 (useful for future ref).
    – Basj
    Sep 27, 2018 at 20:37

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I don't think it's possible in windows 7, the good news you'll be able to do it in Windows 10.

Win logo key + left / right then Win logo key + up / down will move your app to left / right top / bottom corner.


I didn't find it available directly in Windows 7.

It may be possible to create an Autohotkey script for this.

I've finally found a solution with AquaSnap (free for personal use). By default it's:

  • WINHOME for top left
  • WINEND for bottom left
  • WINPGUP for top right
  • WINPGDOWN for bottom right

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