'm trying to add a soundbar to an already existing theme I got. The theme already includes lain so I'm trying to use alsabar since it's already included.

Awesome version:

awesome v4.2 (Human after all) • Compiled against Lua 5.3.4 (running with Lua 5.3) • D-Bus support: ✔ • execinfo support: ✔ • xcb-randr version: 1.5 • LGI version: 0.9.2 Lain's readme file says that is for awesome WM 4.x so I'm guessing there's not a version issue.

Here's the code:

--Volume bar
local volume = lain.widget.alsabar(
    width=200, height=10, followtag = true,
    ticks = true, ticks_size = 10

local volume_widget = wibox.container.background(volume.widget)

Added it to wibox

  -- Volume

That's the code. I get no errors volume variable works but the widget is not displayed. I know that the volume variable works because I'm calling it's update() function later in the file.

So what am I doing wrong?


This is solved. Instead of volume.widget I had to do volumr.bar. which was weird cause all the other widgets of lain in that configuration file we're implemeted using 'widget'.

local volume_widget = wibox.container.background(volume.bar)

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