1. Does anyone know of any settings that would block javascript in chrome?
  2. If so how do I remove them?
  3. I check all the settings and none would let me read or check the console log in the developer tools.

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  • You want to debug if the javascript is running or failing? By default, all browsers will run your javascript. There are 2 reasons as to why your script may not run. 1. The script has not been downloaded 2. The script has errors – Subhrajyoti Das Sep 28 '18 at 3:13

You likely need to enable Javascript under chrome://settings/content/javascript:

enter image description here


This is good . I'm checked out . But it might be my code from class. It's a 2015 class. when i type console.log(typeof ....) it doesn't return even though i have it open in Dreamweaver.

It also doesn't allow me to pass functions either in the console . Even if i input everything in the console.

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