All my machines running identical Windows 10 setups wake on lan access. This means, I can send SMB, HTTP of RDP requests and they wake up. Then, this one Gigabyte board, only wakes on a WOL magic packet.

I cant imagine Intel screwed up their i211 nic. I doubt Gigabyte did the same (though this is an Aurus board and the BIOS leaves much to be desired).

What could it be?

  • Are the others with the same NIC and the same board? It is possible that the Gigabyte board only supports magic packets. Can you check this somehow? – Aulis Ronkainen Sep 28 '18 at 13:36
  • No, the others do not have same board or nic. – Inquisitor Shm Oct 15 '18 at 19:24

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