On the command prompt on windows if in the current directory if there is a single *.txt (say test.txt) file then typing in *.txt followed by <TAB> will result in cmd.exe expanding the full file name to test.txt.

is there a trick to update clink_inputrc_base in the clink folder so that it could mimic this behavior?


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Unfortunately not yet. (If you must use the cmd.exe emulated terminal in cmder)

This is currently an open issue on the Github repository. For more detailed technical discussion on why, see the following link to the relevant Github issue:


At present, the closest you can get to this behaviour is via the dir command. For example, to list all the text files in a directory you can still use dir *.txt.

However, if you are willing to use the bash terminal emulator in cmder then it does work as expected.

I just verified that if you create a new console of type {bash::bash}, i.e. a bash emulator console, then it gives exactly the behaviour you request. For example if there is 1 .txt file in a directory and you type notepad *.txt it will expand to the full name when you press tab. If there are multiple .txt files and you press tab twice, it will list all the .txt files.

If you aren't sure how to create this type of console, it can be selected from the first drop down box in the 'Create new console' dialog box.

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