I've got an issue with bluetooth where if I log into gnome as a regular user, bluetooth shows as in the OFF state and cannot be enabled. If I login gnome as a root user, it works correctly.

I have checked "rfkill list" - hard and soft block is listed as "No." The correct driver is obviously present as it works as root. lsusb does show the device. I have installed bluez-hid2hci, blueman and openobex packages. As the regular user from a bash shell, I can issue "hcitool dev" and it shows hci0 and it's physical address. "hcitool scan" shows my phone, so it seems some access is permitted, just not from gnome.

Is there a particular group that a user needs to be joined to in order to access bluetooth hardware? I checked in /etc/group and found no groups with "blue" or "bt" in them. Also looked in /dev for hci* and did not find any files to check their access.

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