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I have installed Microsoft Office 2007 on my Macbook Air. I did this using Wine via commandline parameters. I've noticed that Wine has it's own command-prompt and so doing wine-commands can't be done through Mac's very own terminal alone. So in order to launch a Wine Application-software that's been installed you have to do so by using Wine's own initiated-terminal and run commandline-parameters from there, like so (let's open up msword):

Open Wine Stable -> WINEPREFIX=~/win32 wine /path/to/msword.exe

I'm wondering how I can I have an icon-shortcut to run commands on a Mac? For Windows, it's recognized as shortcut.ink and within that icon's properties holds the action. For Mac, it's very different and i'm beginning to think it's impossible.

Once I have all the shortcuts i'm able to run my WINE applications within a folder without having me launch each individual software by commandline which is a hassle.


  • Unable to create shortcuts in Mac to run commands


  • none-so-far
    • otherwise, create an automator file by recording your actions to open up terminal and launching wine software that way (don't forget to speed up the process).
    • Automator and spotlight don't work very well a remedy would be to record and click open spotlight searchbar and type a dummyword and select all to replace it then type the software or file in which you're looking for to prevent hiccups in the recording process
  • Mac being different really means mac being extremely limited.
  • I'm on Wine Stable, but opening up Wine terminal can just be done by searching wine and then look for icon-wineglass
  • For mac, the only way to make this easier is to suffice with the Automator utility that can record how you would launch a command line through terminal. Record 1) opening up terminal 2) command to launch program via wine 3) stop recording. The recording process is finicky with typing so when pulling up terminal by clicking Spotlight (NOT CMD+SPACE) type the application to pull up twice and it'll go through well enough to increase the speed to max of 10x. I was able to launch apps in a 7-sec wait time using the Automator recording. – fohrums Oct 10 '18 at 22:22

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