I did following thing.

  1. Installed Hyper-v quite long ago.
  2. When Hyper-V created there is one vEthernet switch get created and that hold ip address information that previously held by main adapter.

Now I have uninstalled Hyper-V by disabling the feature. 1. Not able to connect that machine any more. 2. It seems that machine lost ip address.

What should be done ?


Hyper-V adds another layer and takes over the NIC with a virtual switch. When you removed Hyper-V, the virtual switch went with it. Those settings, TCP/IP address, gateway, etc need to be re-added back to your physical NIC.

In most cases, during the installation, Hyper-V will move the IP settings to the virtual switch. However, when you remove the Hyper-V role, it does not move those IP settings back.

Basically, it's like you've removed the old NIC (Hyper-V virtual switch), and stuck in a new one (actual physical NIC) and now you need to configure it.

  • Yes. I already resolved the problem. What you have said is correct and my assumption is same and along with that my machine has issue with Windows update so when hyper-v get removed it goes for windows update screen and at that screen it stuck . So I have to start once in safe mode then it is working as expected. Still i have to configure physical NIC. – dotnetstep Oct 8 '18 at 23:31

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