I want to use autohotkey to remap the f11 key and the combination ctrl+f11 to something easier accessibele as ctrl+left and ctrl+down.

I tried the following code, but it runs both f11 and ctrl+f11 if I type one of the key hotkeys. I also tried doing the same using the Send command, but then the second hotkey wouldn't work.


What am I doing wrong and how can I make this work?

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It seems that you use the rebinding syntax key1::key2, but it should be used only for single keys.
Use normal Send instead:

    send {F11}

    send ^{F11}

Try this :

  • Can it be that it "remembers" me pressing ctrl, when I press ctrl + left that it first sends a f11 and then a ctrl+f11? – Michthan Oct 3 at 9:05
  • Not likely - that would be a bug in AHK. – harrymc Oct 3 at 9:07

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