I am used to work with Firefox as it has quite a much useful features. However I need to start working with chrome and it is a struggle

What I need is to show propertes of an object in console. How to achieve that? Firefox - what I need

enter image description here

Chrome - what it does is useless enter image description here

So how to achieve the same behavior, or at least where to get to properties of such listed object?


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You can just select a DOM element using inspector or focusing an element. You will find a properties tab on chrome DevTool. You will find all the properties of the selected object.

enter image description here

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    thanks, this seems like it can work for me for now .... you have to list element into the console as on my screen, then you have to right click, the hit Reveal in Elements panel and then view the properties ... may the usability lives ... but thanks again :)
    – Zorak
    Oct 3, 2018 at 11:36

You cannot change this behavior.

You can, however, work around it (for most use cases): Right-click on the desired element, select “Reveal in Elements panel”. It will then be selected and you can go to “Properties” in the right properties pane.

This doesn’t cover use cases where the logged element is not currently part of the DOM. To deal with those, use console.dir instead of console.log:


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