I would like to have an option to get all the files in the folder, just the names (no path and no extension) and sorted by name, in a simple batch file.

I know how to get all the names, but it's not sorted:

for %%i in (*.mxf) do @echo %%~ni >> names.txt

And I know how to get the names sorted, but it comes with the extension:

dir /b /o:n >> names.txt

How can I combine the two commands? Only the names and sorted.



you can pipe the output to the sort command:

(for %%i in (*.mxf) do @echo %%~ni) | sort /o names.txt

On my system, the files were already sorted by default, so I tested it by reversing the order using the sort option /r.


You can put the dir command with applicable sorting options in a for /f loop and redirect the output from there to a file giving you the expected result—this is a way to combine the two as requested.

Script Example

for /f "tokens=*" %%i in ('dir /b /o:n "*.mxf"') do @echo %%~ni >> names.txt

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