I cannot update Mozilla Firefox (from v.60 to the current) with method #1: from PortableApps launcher -> Apps -> Check for updates.

I cannot either update with method #2: download the paf.exe installer, for a local installation from PortableApps launcher -> Apps -> Install a new app (paf.exe), or extracting as mentioned here. (I guess this issue is related with the above). Whenever I try this download, it gets stuck at Waiting for download3.portableapps.com...:

enter image description here

I can update FF with method #3: from within FF, with Three bars -> Help -> About Firefox -> Restart to update Firefox, so this would be a workaround.

I can update other PortableApps (e.g., KiTTY) with any of methods 1/2.

I cannot update Mozilla Thunderbird with method 1, but I could use method 2.

What could the problem be?

As a workaround (even if not my final target), how can I get an URL for the paf.exe that will work with wget for a direct download?

This topic is related, but with the following differences:

  1. I have the problem with either PortableApps Platforms 15.0.2 and 16.0 Beta 2. For these releases the issue is presumably fixed.

  2. I checked other apps that presumably had problems with Platform 14.4.3: Firefox, 4stAttack, AIMP, and others as well. The only one that I cannot update/install (so far) is Mozilla FF.

Note: Perhaps this (posted by me) is related: https://superuser.com/questions/1364101/firefox-gives-your-connection-is-not-secure-chrome-works-fine

  • @sancho.s Do you want to make portable Firefox or want a solution with Portable Apps Platform? I can provide a solution with the first method.
    – Biswapriyo
    Oct 6, 2018 at 13:29
  • @Biswapriyo - I mean to get a solution with the Portableapps Platform. Please see updated OP. Oct 6, 2018 at 15:40
  • Updating Firefox through PortableApps fails since at least 4 years ago. However, it's easy enough to update portable Firefox by using the non-portable download, see link. Would you accept this as an answer?
    – harrymc
    Mar 28, 2020 at 13:24
  • @harrymc - The link is ~11 years old (but not necessarily invalid). In that sense, I wonder: 1) if it still applies, 2) if it is exactly equivalent to methods 1/2, 3) if it is any different from method 3... Mar 28, 2020 at 15:50
  • I don't use PortableApps, so the link needs testing.
    – harrymc
    Mar 28, 2020 at 16:44

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Reports that updating Firefox through PortableApps fails have been around since many years. For example, this comment from 2016:

I've been updating Firefox from within the program for a while because updating through PortableApps fails. It reports "Connecting..." until it times out. Same problem with Thunderbird. Other programs have updated successfully.

An alternative to updating from within Firefox is to download the non-portable version from the Mozilla website. The article Update Portable Firefox the Easy Way from 2009 describes the method. This requires using the Custom method of installation for specifying the folder and disabling all extra actions such as installing desktop icons.


As per comments received, nobody found:

  1. How to update Portable Firefox from the PortableApps platform (method #1 in the question).

  2. How to get a direct download link for PortableFirefox.paf.exe, for wget, e.g. (method #2 in the question).

So the two possible workarounds (the best approach to an answer, even if not the target of the question) are:

  1. To update FF from within FF (method #3 in the question).

  2. To use the non-portable version of FF, see this answer.

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