I'm working with a set of scanned lecture notes. The lecturer wrote the notes in very faint pencil, which scans to a light grey. But they instead scanned in black and white, which turns a light grey into a sparse grid of black pixels. For instance, here's how the word "matrix" came out.

enter image description here

If the file were still in greyscale, I would easily be able to make it more readable by increasing the contrast. But that doesn't work for a black and white image. I tried blurring in an effort to "connect the dots", but that just made it much worse.

Unfortunately, I can't access the original handwritten notes. Is there a way to salvage this scan?

  • I'm afraid only the human brain can do anything with this image, but mine isn't up to it. – harrymc Oct 6 '18 at 18:49

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