I tried installing fedora on my laptop which had Windows 7 pre installed I wanted to have a dual boot system boot things were not clear so I could not do it. I then later tried to proceed only with Fedora 28 on my laptop so that I can work but even during installation of fedora 28 from live USB I got errors. At the point to select installation destination things go wrong. As far as I know I need to create three partitions

  1. Boot /boot 100mb
  2. Swap 4GB
  3. Root / 72 GB (the C drive of my Windows 7 installation)

so this is what I tried to do also but I get errors.

disk sda already reached maximum allowed number of primary partitions

There is C drive,E: drive and F: drive in my disk. Now I want to install Fedora in C drive how to do this any video on youtube which makes things clear I could not search. Here is a screenshot

Here are more screenshots that may make things more clear

  • Guessing you've got an MBR and not GPT disk, and can barely see that you've probably got 3 primary partitions and what looks like an extended partition with one partition in it - should be able to make dozens more partitions inside the extended partition, not sure why you can't, unless there's just no space and the installer's giving weird errors? – Xen2050 Oct 7 '18 at 7:53

I can only guess that the installation is not clever enough to see that after the deletion of the NTFS partition you will have one free partition slot.

I think you will need to do this in stages : First delete the partition and commit the disk changes, then reboot and install Fedora on the liberated space.

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