we have the following file ( files.sum )

the first field is the name of the file

the second field is the seprator

the thired feald is the sum


we want to capture the sum of the file - config.csv


$SUM will be the third required value - 458349573

what is the power shell cli that can give the sum values according to the name of the file ?


This can be achieved with the Split command. You can simply loop through each line in files.sim, split with ":" as the delimiter and check if the 0 element in the resulting array equals your file name and if so set $sum to the 1 element of the current array. Here is an example:

$file = 'config.csv'
$seperator = ':'
foreach($line in Get-Content .\files.sum) {
    $NameAndSum = $line.split($seperator)
    if($NameAndSum[0] -eq $file){
        $Sum = $NameAndSum[1]
echo $file$seperator$sum

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